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Diet Kundali is an online tool designed to help you identify whether you are eating enough of nutrients to maintain your health. Whenever someone recommends food or food supplements, some people tend to say “I don’t need it”, some say “Do I need it?” In fact everyone is set to give you nutritional recommendations. Diet Kundali can help you find the answer for your questions and can help you guide what to do next.

Our intentionis not to tell you to quit eating fries and sugar drinks or give away fast food. Our goal is to provide you with the nutritional information from the food you are eating and help you make diet choicest. We expect you will learn that fast food, fries and sugar drinks are for occasions but are not a good choice every day. Our intention is to encourage you to identify the nutrition hidden in the day to day food you eat and make variations to bridge your nutritional gap.

Diet Kundali is based on science of nutrition and allows you to apply this science to your food choices, food supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes essential for your good health. The Diet Kundali generated by you should assist you pick a healthy diet while at the same time allowing you to enjoy the different tastes, flavors and textures and maintaining the nutritional status. Diet Kundali can evaluate the monthly ration and the nutritional intake you and your family members had in a month based on your eating pattern. We hope the nutritional status will give you the tools to make your own diet choices to keep your nutritional status in a healthy state. Diet Kundali can be helpful for people having poor eating habits (such as children, corporates lifestyle ), or people having medical history seeking to improve health through diet. Join us to generate diet Kundali.

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One having poor eating habits (including children), fast lifestyle, having history of non-communicable disease in the family.
  • Anybody who wants to live optimal health (A health Status beyond just good health)
  • Weight management without nutritional deficiency
  • Who wants beautiful and glowing skin
  • Person having low immunity
  • Person suffering from non communicable disease
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Here is a Diet Plan which if you follow without compromising on your daily minimum required vitamins and minerals, can help you lose weight by 1 to 3 kg in 7 days


The GM diet is a well-known diet plan that is recommended by dietitians in India and is promoted as helping you to shed 1 to 3 kgs. Some people have even achieved 5 kilograms weight loss over a week. Diet Kundali is putting forward the GM diet plan its benefits as well as risks. You are advised to consult your dietitian before starting the 7 days diet plan.

Fastest Indian vegeterian Diet to lose weight in 7 days

Day 1:Eat only fruits on Day 1. Drink 10 to 12 glass of water.

From the books of nutrition it is found that average energy in fruits is 66 to 70 kCal per 100 gm portion. So even if you eat 10 to 20 portions (each of 100 gm) in a day, your calorie consumption will be hardlyat 700 to 1200 kCal.Musk melon (18 kCal) and water melon (16 kCal) are extremelylow in calories, hence are best for GM diet.

  • Stay away from following fruits:
  • Stay away from raisins (Kishmish – 308 kCal), dried Dates (317 kCal), apricots (308 kCal), black currants (316 kCal). The above fruits are high in calories. It is wise to avoid them from the diet plan.(Note: The energy through food described above is per 100 gram portion.)

CM Diet Plan Day 1 - fruits and water

Day 2: Eat only vegetables of your choice on Day 2, baked or cooked. Drink 10 to 12 glass of water.

It is found that average energy in vegetables is 66 to 70 kCal per 100 gm portion. So even if you eat 10 to 12 portions (each of 100 gm) in a day, your calorie intake will be still at 500 to 800kCal. Ash gourd (10 kcal), bottle gourd (12 kcal), cluster beans (16 kcal), snake gourd (18 kcal) are some of low calorie vegetables.

    You may feel weakness and lightheaded at the end of 2nd day. Drink 10 to 12 glass of water. Some people feel weird eating only vegetables. Don’t give up; the results are worth fighting for.

CM Diet Plan Day 2 - Vegetable and water

Day 3: Eat variety of fruits along with vegetables of your choice

Eating only fruits and vegetables will limit your calories to 500 to 1000 kCal. Stay away from banana and potato. The diet offers very low protein for thesedays. You may feel weak and dehydrated. Drink 10 to 12 glass of water

CM Diet Plan Day 3 - mix fruits and vegetables

Day 4: Eat banana and Milk

Eat 7 to 8 bananas (116 kCal per 100 gm) and about 3 glass of cow milk (45 kCal/100 ml). This can be shared with the vegetable soup which may be taken in limited quantities. This is the day you have to control hunger and craving.

CM Diet Plan Day 4 -Banana and milk

Day 5: You may eat one cup of rice or 3 Chapatis. You also have to eat six whole tomatoes.

You may eat one cup of rice or 3 Chapatis. You also have to eat six whole tomatoes. Take 12 glass water to clean your system of the additional uric acid you will be creating

CM Diet Plan Day 5 - chapatis and tomatos

Day 6: Consume only vegetables of your choice on Day 6, baked or cooked.

Take 10 to 12 glass of water. You may eat a cup of rice or 2 Chapatis only if necessary. You may feel weakness and light-headedness.

CM Diet Plan Day 6 - vegetables

Day 7: Take more vegetables on the 7th day

You may add a cup of rice or 3 Chapatis Note: The energy through food described above is per 100 gram portion

CM Diet Plan Day 7 - more vegetable

If you are not well hydrated, weight loss may be only water loss and hencemay not be permanent. The calories eaten during these 7 day plan are very low and are considered as not safe for long term. The diet runson very low protein for seven days which make vulnerable to muscle related injury.
There will be malnutrition as you eat only one kind of fruits and vegetables. Therefore taking an organic plant based multivitamin daily supplement while on GM diet plan is wise choice. Another problem faced by individuals is the weight gain after quitting GM diet. Therefore we recommend reducing your diet to 1500kCal diet plan and then 1200 kCal diet plan before starting GM Diet. After finishing “GM diet plan” increase the calories gradually in reverse pattern to 1200 calorie for 7 days and then 1500 calorie diet plan for 15 days. We recommend to burn 200 kCal through exercise and continue.

The GM diet is a very low calorie diet and it takes thoughtful commitment to follow it. However results are worth fighting for as 1 to 3kg weight loss is remarkable result.