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App features

1. Nutrition Status of entire family. Perhaps you may discover that there is someone else in your family who needs more nutritional attention and healthy diet than you.

2. Option to evaluate RDA requirement during pregnancy and lactation for woman.

3. Diet plan based on monthly ration system and food sharing pattern which is very easy to document.

4. Search food names in different languages typed in English.

5. You can add nutrients in grams and kilograms as well.

6. Make your own recipes, find it's nutritionl value and share your expertise with the world.

7. Nutrition calculator of your recipes for very less quantities foods as low as 1 gram.

8. Calorie calculator of food items such as apple, banana or poha

9. Talk to our expert for your nutritional queries ask questions.

10. Watch balanced diet, nutrition related videos.

11. Get inspired through various tips on nutrition.