1.This Diet Kundali generated by you, assumes that the person is an average healthy person.The diet can be genrated for person above 1 year age and The requirement of nutrients and energy depends upon your type of work viz. sedentary living, moderate work, and heavy work. If you or any of your family members is suffering from any minor or major illness, contact your dietitian to know about optimal value of nutrition or mail us at support@dietkundali.com to share with you ,our specific recommendations on any disease.

2.Diet Kundali cannot assess the quality and quantity (i.e. eatable portions) of food consumed, nutritional loss during transportation and storage and effect of preservatives and chemicals on nutrient absorption/depletion. As per recent studies, exposure to heat and light may reduce the vitamin content of the food by around 10-15%. It is also learned that the actual edible portion of food is 5-15% less than the purchased food depending upon losses, pealing or trimming and cooking practices. There is significant depletion in food quality after processing or hydrogenation.

Also soil characteristics and farming practices plays an important role in food quality. Diet Kundali has not taken the factors mentioned above in calculating your Diet Dasha as they are person / family and area specific.

3.Further the lifestyle habits of individual such as cooking method, taking cola, tea or coffee just before, during or after the meal, alcohol, also considerably affects the nutrient absorption. Inability or unwillingness to consume food is also a matter of serious concern. Diet Kundali therefore cannot exactly estimate the amount of nutrients absorbed by your body. But the results will fairly show your Diet Dasha.

4.The level of nutrition needed for optimal health is way above the RDA. The value of ODA applies from age 4 or above. For Children up to 8 years values of ODA are around 50% or less.

5.Children and infants shall be given food or supplements strictly under supervision of food consultant or pediatrician

6.Overweight, pregnant lady, patients with kidney failure, thyroid or with allergies, other acute or chronic illnesses have the potential for malnutrition and should be evaluated further.

7.ODA for Vitamin B group, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron and chromium shall be taken under supervision of food consultant/doctor because of concern with regarding lack of ability to handle excess amounts. Values of Vitamin D indicates intake from food only. Vitamin E is rare in common food

8.Diet Kundali advice users to contact their food consultant/local doctor before taking any corrective action based on their Diet Dasha. Diet Kundali shall not be liable for any of such actions.

9.Diet Kundali suggests, source of intake should be from organic food or organic food based supplements to prevent any side effects of preservatives and pesticides. Please refer our vitamin efficacy chart to know which food you need more.