Most people never question themselves “Am I eating enough of nutrients?” rather most people think “if I am eating enough” means I am getting enough of nutrients. Apart from proteins, carbohydrates and fats there are other important nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals which contribute to overall health and also help us fight pollution and stress. If you are asking yourself the first question read on further.

To help general public understand better, there are two benchmarks set for analyzing nutritional status viz RDA (recommended daily allowance) and ODA (optimal daily allowance). RDA is the lower level of nutrition and ODA is upper safe level of nutrition for general healthy public. This means our diet should be between RDA and ODA. If our nutrition of a particular nutrient falls below RDA we may develop deficiency disease or may increase the risk of future health challenges. If your diet is at ODA you are likely to experience an optimal health. There are some nutritional recommendations above ODA which we refer as safe tolerable limit without any side effects. Most of the clinical trials on diseases are performed at these levels. Unless you are suffering from any critical illness, you don’t have to worry about upper limit.

Food Pyramid- RDA or ODA

Unfortunately, urban lifestyle has changed so drastically that our diet alone can’t fulfill nutritional requirements of important vitamins and minerals to support optimal health. Our diet from Monday to Friday has more or less similar pattern, rich in carbohydrates, similar vegetables and very little fruits and fiber. So if a person wants to eat his daily food to achieve ODA levels of essential vitamins he needs to eat 4,000 to 5,000 calories of food in a day. Moreover many of our foods or their ingredients are processed which has very little nutrition other than carbs and fats.

If and only if, you follow the diet recommendations from your dietitian you will probably enjoy good health throughout your life. However all of us have dissimilar health pattern as nobody is born perfect. Some people may have constipation problem and some may be allergic to some foods or some may have medical problem. If you are diabetic your health depends upon nutrients such as chromium and antioxidants. If you are obese you need to concentrate on dietary fiber. If you are elder you need to concentrate on B vitamins. If you are heart patient, you need to focus on omega 3 and antioxidants. You see, you need to focus on 30+ different nutrients, vitamins and minerals to address your different health problems and not just proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

If you are associated with a dietitian who can analyses your nutritional status of these essential vitamins and minerals you are in safe hands. However here is the fix, analyzing the detailed nutritional status of 30+ important nutrients is time consuming and many dietitians do not have either the database or the analyzing tools or both. The good news is you can do this sitting at your home and with little help from diet Kundali support team.If you want to know how diet Kundali can analyses your nutritional status click on the sample diet Kundali. You can also produce nutritional status of your entire family who shares ration with you including children and pregnant woman. You need to maintain a log of your monthly ration and sharing pattern among the family members. Remember we cannot change the future of your health in the future. We have to do it in present. And if you consider it is time for you to make changes in your eating habits to improve your health status then diet Kundali is the answer to your searches. Join us to find nutritional status of yours and your complete family.