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There is a saying “If you give the man a fish, you feed him for one day, but if you teach him to fish, you feed him for entire life”

We at diet Kundali believe that the best way to bring positive changes in people’s health is to educate them the secret of good health. Till now in India our dietitians gives diet plan based on calculations of calories, carbohydrates and fats. This approach is sound one for weight loss or weight management. However when it comes to address lifestyle diseases or optimal health you need to analyses the micronutrients part such as vitamins and minerals also.

Take an example of a pregnant lady who wants to know what to eat during pregnancy? Instead of giving a standard diet chart if she is told about her nutritional status and if she can be educated about aspects of different nutrients in pregnancy period, she will wisely choose foods that will complete the nutritional gap. Not only this, she would take care of eating habits of entire family.

Diet Kundali gives you Nutritional status. With the nutritional status you can classify the risk related with your health in future. Diet Kundali produces the nutritional status of more than 35 nutrients based on the eating pattern of a family. This can help you focus on specific nutrients that is important in a particular disease thus, making your diet plan more goal oriented.

Nutritional status is state of the body arising from consumption of nutrients from food. When your body systems or some parts are not working appropriately it most likely to a great extent relates to your nutritional status. Take example of diabetes, prolonged nutritional deficiency of chromium and omega 3 may lead to the health risks. How healthy your body staysis a direct functionof what you eat. If you take only a single nutrient from diet or food supplements there will not be a significant difference to your health because nutrients need company of other nutrients to work effectively, a group of nutrients can have a have great positive effect on the health.

Nutrients thrive in synergy. If you are analyzing or taking nutrients in isolation, you are not using your money properly. If you are diabetic, if you are obese or if you have any health issue you need to look at group of nutrients. Time has come to look beyond carbs and fats. Analysis of your food nutrients is critical task to set on the path of good health. And if you want to achieve optimal health, then Diet Kundali is the stepping stone for you. Sit down and buckle up. Get your notepad and log the eating pattern of your family. Log on to www.dietkundali.com to generate your nutritional status.