Diet Kundali Beauty Centre

Beauty is much more than appearance. There is no singledefinitionof what makes a woman beautiful. Peoplesay beauty arises from within. Whereas some say it is in the skin beneath. Few people say it isin the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is an external expression of internalconfidence, strength and health. Diet Kundali at our beauty center khar provides you a range of skincare consultancy especially to bring out that inner beauty. Our advisors combine the highest quality skincare products from our beauty center kharwith personalized service and the satisfaction guarantee.

At our personalized Khar beauty centre you can also:

  • Measure your vitamin and mineralsintake through diet
  • Compare your nutrition deficiency recommended levels
  • Avail online counseling through chat for beauty tips,
  • Choose range of beauty products from beauty shop kandivalicatalogue to matchyour requirements

  • Diet Kundali beauty shop kandivali is designed for a modern woman

  • Who embraces the many shadesof her life. She is confidentwith herself. She is familiar about skincare.
  • Who wants such products which keeps their promises and give the max for her money
  • Who needs highest quality skincare products that are responsive to her exact needs

  • Recommendations from beauty center khar for caring your skin

    If you follow this daily simple skin care practice, you can keep your skin radiant and healthy. Bathe in warm (instead of hot) water. Use mild cleansers that are soft and not irritating. Do not scrub heavily instead wash gently.

  • Drink lots of water and apply moisturizers. This will keep skin from drying out.
  • Practice sun safety to prevent skin disorders. Prolong sun exposure adds greater risk of skin related cancer, changing skin color.To protect your skin from sun
  • Limit midday exposure to the sun typically between 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Wear protective clothing such as long sleeve cloths and hats.
  • From our beauty shop kandivali choose sunscreen SPF 15 or higher along with both UVB and UVA protection.
  • Monitor your skin for sun damage. Tell your doctor about changes on the skin .

  • Recommendations from beauty center khar for Nail Health

    Healthy fingernails and toe nails are smooth, with an even color. Keep your nails clean, dry, and trimmed to pre¬vent in grown nails. If you wear artificial (fake) nails, check around the base and sides of the nails for redness, pain, and infection. Bacteria and fungus can grow between the artificial nail and your natural nail. Tell your doctor if you notice nail changes, which also could be the result of health problems, such as diabetes or heart disease.

    Recommendations on cosmetic /makeup practices

    Many women use cosmetics for makeup. If you are one of them please follow the following beauty shop kandivalitips:
  • Don’t share your makeup
  • Use product which offers satisfaction guarantee or else 100% money back guarantee such as Artistry or better.
  • Read the direction of use, labels on the product and safety information.
  • Use hand wash before applying makeup.
  • Throw products if they had a color changes during storage
  • Throw out mascara after 90 days.
  • Keep product containers tightly closed and away from solar light when not in use.
  • Call your doctor if a product causes itching, allergy or rashes.

  • Here are some of our beauty centre khar diet tips to help you be beautiful :

  • Dairy products should include in your diet. At least 2 to 3 serving per day. Milk and milk products provide protein for healthy skin
  • Food rich in fiber should be including in your diet, salads and raita helps increase in vitamins uptake
  • Green leafy vegetables maintain the health of eyes and skin. Different color of fruits and vegetables provides the vitamin and minerals which is essential healthy skin. Five serving of fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet.
  • Minimum 30 min of exercise should be done at least 6 days in a week.
  • Omega 3 fatty acid should be included in your diet.

  • Contact us to book an appointment with our beauty center specialist.