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At we have faith in in sponsoring better healthcare by modifying your diet plans and bringing some valuable changes. Further, our team of dietitians and best nutritionists in Mumbai perform wide range of calculations on various diets used to give best nutritional information cum solution to you and your family. We are proud of gaining the higher position among the best nutritionist in Mumbai. Out team always strive to provide our clients a customized nutritional plan for you that would be more convenient and easy to follow.

We modify our various nutritional plans at as per the need of customers and their feedback to keep them engaged and interested. We work for you and our team of nutritionist in Mumbai is available 24*7 to clarify your queries. Our experienced nutrition consultants follow up with you during your program to provide you a great support. Our main principles while prescribing a weight loss plan is

  • Dedication to the diet plan
  • Maintenance of the diet in day to day life
  • Energy balance
  • Vitamins and minerals adequacy.
  • Best nutritionist in Mumbai

    Following is the analytical dietary guidelines for weight loss based on your vitamins and minerals status from Best NUTRITIONIST IN MUMBAI

    1. Soups which are prepared from fresh vegetables/pulses without adding any fats or starch should be include in the diet.

    2. Salads prepared using uncooked/raw tomato, carrot, cucumber, radish, cabbage,lettuce,red capsicum, sprouts can be included.

    3. Root vegetables, such asbeetroot, potato should be avoided.

    4. High calorie fruits such bananas, mangoes, and dry fruits like nut should be eat in moderation.

    5. Lean meat/chicken or fish should be steamed or baked instead of fried.

    6. Instead of processed cheese use cottage cheese.

    7. Stay away from all fried foods like french fries,samosa,vada,purees,pakoda etc.

    8. Avoid sugary beverages like sugar,candy honey, ice cream, soda, puddings, chocolate, doughnuts etc.

    9. Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

    How to manage healthy weight nutritionally after achieving weight loss:

    At the time of weight reduction and after getting normal weight, people are advised to follow the following advice for the future to managethe obesity.

    1. Stay away from snacks inbetween meals and limit serving of

    2. Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables except tubers

    3. Increase the intake of fish.

    4. Check your weight at least every week on a standard scale.

    5. Regular exercise with the equal passion as during the reducing program.

    6. Never skip any meals; three usual meals should be taken.

    7. Stay away from skipping breakfast as it increase food intake during lunch.