Breakfast recipes

Know the contents of your breakfast Recipes Cereals : The soul of the breakfast

Breakfast Cereal is the important in a healthful breakfast, nonetheless only if you pick the right one. Many cereals are unfortunately prepared with refined grains and several are laced with added sugar. Not withstanding this, many cereals hype their health benefits. Do not be misinformed by bold print attractive packs that claim about vitamins and minerals, or even claims - contains whole grains. You should have your own preference at the same time considering fiber content of your cereal. Cereal that provides minimum 5 to 6 grams of fiber per serving shall be given preference, but then again you will still need those loads of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and seeds in the day to complete your target of fiber i.e. 30 grams.

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

There are two forms of Dietary fiber, soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. Both the forms are good for you. Most fiber rich cereals contain insoluble fiber such as wheat bran. Oats are rich in soluble fiber, however many super market dry oat cereals hasonly traces of oat bran fiber that actually counts.

Insoluble fiber pulls water into the intestines and makes stools heavier, softer as well as easier to pass. Increased consumption of dietary fiber is linked to reduced possibility of constipation as well as hernia. Few studies also show that dietary fiber protects against colon cancers as well as intestinal polyps.

Soluble fiber slows the rate of stomach’s draining and delays the uptake of sugar into the blood thereby lowering the insulin levels. Soluble dietary fiber also aids in reducing LDL cholesterol in the blood. A study performed on more than 11000 American adults concluded that that blood cholesterol levels are highest in breakfast skippers as compared to adults who eat breakfast cereal.

Benefits of dietary fiber to your intestinal tract are well documented as well as well understood however it actually is also beneficial to other body parts including heart. Few Studies in Harvard,conducted over a period of six years described high fiber diet linked to 41%reduced risk of heart attack. For each 10gram increase in intake of daily fiber the risk of heart disease plunged by almost one fifth in men and almost half in woman. Researchers even learned that high fiber cereals even more protecting than green vegetables as well as fruits.

Abdominal woes as well as heart disease would be sufficient to encourage you to select a high fiber cereal breakfast recipes, but wait “Picture abhi baki hai”. Harvard researchers also stated that fiber rich whole grains reduces the risk of diabetes by two fifth and that of stroke by 30%. Even men who are daily breakfast eaters which include whole grain cereals enjoyed around 17% lower mortalityrate than breakfast skippers.

The good news is one need to not to eat dietary fiber throughout the day. Men can benefit from 29 grams a day and women can benefit from 23 grams a day of fiber. So next time you go to supermarket to pick your oats or favorite cereals read nutritional information before you put it in your basket. You can also generate your diet kundali for the cereals and other foods you are consuming regularly to know your probable dietary fiber intake including 35 other nutrients.

A cereal containing high fiber may score lower in flavor. An ideal cereal should not contain any fat; that will rule out all your favorite ready to eat or 2 minutes cereals brands. Cereals selected should be high in potassium but not in sodium. Few whole grain cereals contain selenium, the anti-oxidant mineral that is said to reduce risk of prostate cancer. Choose readymade cereals that are fortified with folic acid, as folic acid reduces the blood levels of homocysteine. In India you will find very few cereal makers to adhere to this standard, unlike in United States where it is mandatory. It is however difficult to find a cereal that will fulfill all your nutritional needs but if you are taking an organic plant based multivitamin daily supplement you need not to wholly relyon your cereals.

Breakfast recipes made up of whole grains, ragi, skimmed milk and fruitscan give you a good taste as well as treasured vitamins and minerals.

Other grains :-

Roti, chapati and paratha are traditional Indian breakfast. If you like them, with vegetables and not with jam or sauce. Try not to add extra fats or ghee in your breakfast. Give preference to high fiber cereals in your breakfast.

Brews :-

Add low fat milk in your breakfast. This can give you much needed calcium and vitamin D. For antioxidants choose citrus fruits rich vitamin C as well as other nutrients. Diet Kundali recommend going for whole fruits instead of fruit juice or canned juice. Tea or coffee? Few people don’t get their morning work done unless they sip a cup of tea or coffee. That’s okay and is your preference. However we recommend you to keep away Caffeinated from your breakfast. However health lovers who take green tea may continue doing so on an empty stomach and 1 hour before breakfast.

Spreads :-

As told above jam or sauce are too sugary and only add empty calories. Butter is rich in saturated fat and sodium and also increases cholesterol levels.

Fruits :-

Any fruit that you like is the best breakfast diet. Most fruits are low in calories so much them as much as you want with at least 2 to 4 servings. The GM diet plan suggested by diet kundali dietitian recommends loads of melons in your breakfast to lose weight naturally.

Egg :-

You must have watched the advertisement “Jo ande roj khate hai vo hatte katte hote hai”. However many dietitians recommend limiting eggs to 1 or 2 per day and suggest to eat egg white. The study conducted in Harvard over 1 lakh men and woman also reports that one egg a day does not raised the risk of heart disease in healthy men and woman. However the term “healthy” is not defined or many men and woman perhaps does not fall into that category. An egg contains around 210 mg of dietary cholesterol and may not raise blood cholesterol levels as compared to saturated fats, but it does contribute to the total cholesterol. That’s why Diet Kundali Dietitian recommends people to modify their eating pattern according to their age and lifestyle.