Diabetes Treatment

Understand Diabetes :

Diabetes mellitus is a lifetime condition, caused by shortage or lack of insulin. It is characterized by excessive glucose in blood and urine. Insulin is a hormone which is made by pancreas. It helps to utilize glucose for the production of energy by the body. Insulin also helps to prevent the rise of blood sugar and maintain the levels in the normal limit.

In diabetes, glucose absorption in body cells is hindered, and hence more glucose is contained in the blood. When the blood glucose enters upper limit it starts leaking through urine.

Nutrients that affects diet indiabetes treatment :

  • Increase the consumption of Fiber and take protein in moderation in your Diet. This will helps to increase the insulin sensitivity.
    Protein Source- Pulses, fish (2 to 3 times a week) egg White only, Milk (in moderate amount).
    Fiber source- whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

  • Home Remedies for diabetes treatment

  • Reduce the consumption of fat specially Trans fats and saturated fats such as palm oil,Coconut oil, animal fat Ghee. Increase the consumption of essential fatty acids especially Omega 3 Fatty acid. It helps to increase the Good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol).

  • Increase the consumption of antioxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, vitamin E. It will help to decrease the free radical damages. You will get a good amount of vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, so try to add 5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet chart.

  • Add Flaxseeds (Alsi) and Fenugreek seed (Methikadana) daily in your Diet chart.

  • Never stick on one vegetable oil always rotate it.

  • Maintain your ideal body weight..

  • Does minimum 30-45 min exercise daily.

  • Never skip your meals especially breakfast.

  • Always takemedication prescribed by your doctor for diabetes treatment on the same time.

  • Stay away from junk food,processed food and fried food.

  • Include chromium rich food daily in your diet.. Chromium mineral is very helpful in insulin sensitivity. Note- Supplementing of chromium (in a dose prescribed by your health adviser) in the natural form. It will improve HDL cholesterol, blood glucose, insulin and hemoglobin in both type 2 diabetes and pre diabetic case.

  • Chromium Source –Almond, Nutmeg fruit (Jayfal),walnut, spices,and cashewnut.

  • One of the main things for Diabetic diet in diabetes treatment is Glycemic index of food. If the Glycemic index of the food is higher it gives more strain on insulin receptors. So that sharply rises in blood sugar. If the glycemic index of the food is lowerit gives less strain on insulin receptors as a result blood sugar in control.