How diet Kundali’s top dietitians in Mumbai can plan a balanced diet for you.

Diet Kundali has one of the best dietitians in Mumbai not because they are qualified and experienced in the field of nutrition, but because the way of suggesting the diet plan. Our best design software is a blend of technology and personalized individual oriented approach that helps recommends balanced diet based on indiiduals vitamin and minerals requirements.

If you only generate diet Kundali and want to try it yourself consider following suggestions from our best dietitians in Mumbai. Once you learn how to design your diet plan, hit the stores and get all the foodstuffs required. Follow the diet plan until you achieve your goals.

We believe that a balanced diet is that which contains different varieties of foodstuffs such as cereals, pulses fresh fruits and vegetables in such amount and proportion so that the vitamins and minerals necessities are sufficiently met and a small provisionis made for extra nutrients to withstand short duration of leanness.

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If are considering protection against pollution consider supplementing with plant based antioxidants that are low in calories as diet will fetch you more calories.

  • A balanced diet should be supply 60-70 %of energy from carbs, 10-20% of calories from protein and 20-25 % energy from fat.

  • Calorie allowance can be + 50 calories.

  • For all other nutrients at least RDA should be met. If you are finding it difficult to meet RDA of few nutrients such as Vitamin D, iron or omega 3 consider supplementing them with food supplements that are based on organic plants.

  • Whatever Energy comes from cereals should not be more than 75%.

  • Add two cereals in single meal such as wheat and rice.

  • To improve protein quality the ratio of cereal protein to pulse protein should be 4:1.

  • Two to three serving of pulses should be taken a day.

  • Include minimum one medium size fruit. Raw fruits are best.

  • Minimum 3 to 5 servings of fresh fruits and 5 to 6 servings of vegetables should be included in your diet plan every day.

  • The diet should include minimum 100ml milk per day. If your diet Kundali shows you are protein deficient, take all plant protein powder with 1 glass of milk to bridge the protein deficiency.

  • Fiber rich food should be included in your diet. Soluble fiber is best for managing blood sugar and cholesterol. Consider including soluble fiber to bridge fiber deficiency.

  • One third of the nutritional necessities, at least calorie and protein should be met by lunch or dinner

  • Diet Kundali has one the top dietitians in Mumbai who can provide solution to your vitamins and minerals status and help improve them. They are available at and through phone consultation also.