Freelance jobs with Diet Kundali

If you are looking for freelance jobs in Mumbai in health and wellness industry with a dream of having your own business, diet Kundali can help your dream come true. With Diet Kundali.

  • You can have your own business or work with us with freelance jobs. However the growth depends upon your commitment to your personal goals.
  • You can use your imagination to build your job and business
  • You have an opportunity to build your brand name
  • Minimum investment and spare time work
  • Privilege to promote owned food supplement brand.

  • Before you commit yourself to yourself and say yes to diet Kundali, you need to address our risks factors also. It is very important for our team leaders to have same set of values as of fellow team leaders because.

    Freelance jobs

  • Many people doing freelance jobs in Mumbai or at their native have their own kinds of diet plan, we believe in synergy so that all the dietitians representing diet Kundali will have similar approach towards diet plan
  • Dietitians give different suggestions based on their previous employment experience. At Diet Kundali the suggestions shall be based on the nutritional status generated at Diet Kundali.
  • Since the education does not teaches about the leadership, it difficult to find leadership among dietitians who can think for a broader perspective
  • Very Difficult to find a leadership program at a low cost World Wide which can have same set of success values.


    → You need to educate about leadership and common level of understanding for recommending food and food supplements or beauty products

    → You cannot use of Diet Kundali logo without Diet Kundali’s written approval

    → You will have to make investment in learning, education in self-development program such as terms of books and meetings

    → Support given depends purely on your attitude & performance

    → No get rich quick scheme

    → Income purely based on business volume and not on prospecting done

    Remember, even if you are changing jobs, it will still be a job. You can become businessman only by owning a business. The freelance jobs in Mumbai or in your area with diet Kundali can help you establish as a businessman with stable and secure income and security as well which will be independent of global financial crisis because you will be not dependent on your boss for earning your income. If your answer is yes, we welcome you to make carrier with diet Kundali.