How Does Diet Kundali works ?

Diet Kundali is a unique tool that can help you to get your nutritional status. If given a genuine thought to improve diet and nutrition, this tool can help you achieve your desired optimal health.
Never before in time, was the technique to analyze vitamin and mineral status so simple than it is now with the help of diet kundali.

If you have medical history in your family, chances are more that some of the risk factors will be carried to next generation. These factors, to a great extent, can be addressed by improving the quality and quantity of vitamins and minerals we eat through our diet.
The purpose of a Diet Kundali is to help you understand if these vitamins and minerals are enough or needs some addition through diet modification. This can help you understand if you are at nutritional risk and determine whether a more detailed assessment is warranted.

If you are undergoing diabetes treatment, you can add more foods that are rich in chromium and omega 3. If you are thinking to reduce weight naturally, you can reduce calories from your food and keep vitamins and minerals status intact. In fact you can improve nutritional status.
So far the situation where people think about nutrition the most is pregnancy. During these period people generally spend more money on good nutrition as the days are emotionally connected to heart. However many go by the words of mouth. Many vegetarians are prone to omega 3 deficiency. Omega 3 rich veg food sources are very limited and hence sometimes neglected from diet. Diet Kundali can help you understand how much vitamins and minerals you need during pregnancy and lactation period so that you and your baby can get all round nutrition.

Take a look at sample diet kundali and try to analyze the nutritional status of that family. You will be amazed to know how your analytical power on nutrition once you see diet kundali once you take a review of sample diet kundali. You need details of monthly ration you bring as ingredients for the food you eat and sharing pattern of your family members. The mores closely you specify this data, the more realistic your diet kundali will be. You can generate your Diet Kundali by paying a requisite amount and bank charges. So get ready with your grocery data to find out what lies in your Diet Kundali by joining us.