How to lose weight naturally: The principle of weight loss

Diet Kundali believes that every diet plan that cuts calories from your diet plan is effective for long term. Ther are some quick methods to lose weight naturally. However if your are following it without any pre or post meal plan, it is going to be very difficult for your to maintain weight and such appealing (as you see on your TV) or short cuts diets may end up in failure because of following:

  • Such diet makes feel deprived. Extremely low calorie or zero calorie diets which eliminates all carbs and fats is not practical and pose risk to health. Not to mention they lack in vitamins and minerals. Your weight gain was gradual so weigh loss should also be gradual. The solution is moderation in diet plan through diet Kundali.

  • You lose weight naturally, but find unable to maintain it. Diets that strictly cut calories, or restrict many foods, or rely on Processed or ready-made specially designed meals may work in the short term butwhen you stop following such plan, the reduced weight quickly bounces back.

  • After finishing the diet week, you look to put on weight more speedily. When you severely restrict your consumption of food , your metabolic rate will momentarily slow down. Once you start eating usually, you’ll gain weight and your metabolic rate increases to normal.

  • Once you depressed, you feel too disheartened to try again. When your diets make you feel disheartened, it’s easy to quit that diet. If your diet plan is designed such as way that it reduces calories in your plate and at the same time maintains or improves the level of vitamins and minerals is the real winner. If you are following such diet a rare splurge cannot derail your efforts.

  •  how to lose weight naturally

    There is a simple equation of how to lose weight naturally:

    Eat more calories than your body burns, you puton weight,
    Eat fewer calories than your body burns, you lose weight naturally.

    However, when you lose weight, you lose water along with lean tissues. There are many changes in the body along with fat loss. The changes has to be balanced with proper nutrition, otherwise lost weight may come back. You need a modernized diet plan where you can replace a food with simple carbs or empty calories with a food containing complex carbsand containing more vitamins and minerals with same calories.

    Diet Kundali can analyse the calories and vitamins and minerals of your diet ingredients. This can help you in changing the combinations of your ingredients such that you can maintain balance between calories and vitamins and minerals and help you lose weight naturally.

    Following are free sample diet plan for weight loss which can be followed by any Healthy Person who does not have any medical disorder. They can be followed by people searching how to lose weight fast.

    1500 calorie diet plan for weight loss

    1500 kCal diet plan for weight loss is relatively very easy to follow and does not make you crave for your more food. You can reduce your weight by 1 to 2 kgs over a month. Gradual and medium term weight loss is always desirable as it will build your good eating habit.

    An additional exercise of more than 200 kCal other than your normal activities will increase the energy imbalance to more than 500 to 900 kCal per day. The body hence will burn more of your accumulated fat. This will address your concerns on how to lose weight fast.

    Note on diet plan for weight loss:

  • Salad – Salad may include contain cucumber, carrot, tomato.
  • Chapatis – Medium size not more than 30-40 grams per piece.
  • Vegetable – Shall contain mainly green leafy vegetables available seasonally.
  • Fruit considered as medium size serving and depending upon seasonal availability such as Apple, orange, pomegranate, Kiwi, pear etc.
  • All juices, tea, coffee and milk shall be taken without sugar.
  • Mid-morning, tea time and bed time diet shall be taken in case if you are feeling hungry.

  • 1500 calorie diet plan for weight loss

    Meal Menu Quantity
    Early morning (7:00 am) Tea/Coffee/milk (without sugar) 1cup
    Toast/biscuits &/or 2 no
    Soaked Almonds 4 no
    Breakfast (9:00am) Vegetable Sandwich or 1
    Egg omelet + Brown bread or 2 no each (egg white)
    Chapatis (medium) + Vegetable 2 no
    Mid-morning (11:00 am) Fruit (medium size)(If feeling hunry) 1 no
    Lunch (1:00 pm) Vegetable soup/Salad 1 bowl
    Chapati 2 no
    Dal 1 bowl
    Green leafy vegetable 1 bowl
    Buttermilk 1 glass
    Tea time (4:00-5:00 pm) Tea/coffee(without sugar)and or 1 cup
    Roasted chana/puffed riceas dry bhel(If feeling hunry) or Handful
    Fruit(medium size) 1 no
    Dinner (8:00-9:00 pm) Soup/salad and 1 bowl
    Daliya/brown rice Pulav with vegetables and soya chuncks or 1 bowl
    Chapatis& 2 no
    Green leafy vegetable 1 serving
    Bed time (10:00 pm) Milk(without sugar)(If feeling hunry) 1 cup
    Total Energy 1520 kCal

    Rules :-

  • Avoid fried food. Oil consumption shall not be more than 1/2lt per person per month.
  • Avoid Mango, banana, custard apple, jackfruit and canned juices.
  • Avoid maida (refined wheat flour) and its products.
  • Omega 3 and glucose managing supplement will a wise option to add to your diet plan.
  • Drink plenty of water 10-12 glass.