How to reduce weight?

Guidelines from Diet Kundali dietitian

When people ask me a master key “to reduce weight”, I feel speechless at times because there is no “one size fits for everyone” solution to reduce weight. Sometimes people are so desperate to find out the solution to their weight loss that they simply overlook this fact. “The woman in the TV ad reduced around 20 kg and I did not” is the most common form of envy. Whatever worked on one person need not necessarily work on you. One you accept this reality there is whole new world of options waiting for you to achieve weight loss. We at Diet Kundali can analyses your calories along with vitamins and minerals requirements to design a tailor made diet package to help you reduce weight. Diet Kundali believes in following values to answer How to reduce weight?

How to reduce weight

We recommend lifestyle changes, as quick-fix diet is only a temporary solution.

One cannot achieve lasting weight loss from a “quick-fix” diet you can get. In its place, think regarding weight loss as an everlasting lifestyle change—a dedication to replace high-calories foodstuff with healthier, lower-calories substitutes, decrease your portion size, and turn into more active. At the same time when you generate you diet Kundali you come to know the vitamin and minerals status of your food you are eating. We believe in maintaining vitamins and minerals level and lower calories for long term to reduce weight. Many popular diets will initiate your weight loss, but everlasting changes in your daily life along withfood choices are the one for you that will work in the long run.

Find an encouraging section.

Social support helps a lot. Diet Kundali believes that the best way to weight loss is to educate our customers about the simple A B C D of weight loss through one to one counseling and health awareness programs. You will get all the social support you need at Diet Kundali.

We believe “Slow and steady wins the race

Our Diet Plan is aimed to reduce at least one to two kg weight in a week or maximum 2 to 4 kg a month to make sure healthy weight loss without compromising . Reducing weight too quickly can be risky on your mind as well as body that will make you experiences low, sick and drained. When you reduce a lot of weight in short time, you’re in fact losing mostly water as well as muscle instead of fats.

We help you set realistic goal to keep you motivated.

Short term goals like wanting to comsin shape or fit into marriage dress for the marriage season, typically don’t work for longer term. Instead we want you to focus on long term benefits of optimal health such as diabetes or sugar control, blood pressure control, increased immunity, mood elevation, positive thinking and children’s health. These are the goals that will pay you back the cost and time you are investing to reduce weight.

Use Diet Kundali that helps you tracks your progress.

Once you designed your food pattern to match your calorie goal, diet Kundali can help you keep track of the food diary and weight. This will ensure that you reduce weight and at the same time will also ensure that you do not deviate from your vitamin and mineral status which will keep you motivated.