Make your own Diet Chart

How to make Diet Chart

It is very easy to make carbohydrate and fat based diet chart for weight loss. There analysis of vitamins and minerals there. However if you want to make sure you are eating without compromising on vitamins and minerals, you must know what are your current nutritional levels. Here at diet kundali, we believe in nutrition based diet chart so that optimal health can be targeted even whiling losing calories. Your Diet Kundali is an indication of your nutritional status. If you want to view how your diet kundali will look like, click on sample diet kundali.

If you have generated your diet kundali and you want to make your own diet chart, here are following tips that you may consider.


You are Unique: No two persons on the planet are similar in any manner. So how can we expect their nutrition be at same level? If your focus is on nutrition, then please make up in mind that your diet chart cannot be similar to others. There may be similar trends in carbs based diet chart foe weight loss. There is no common program for everyone. Since some people eat well balanced diet their additional nutritional requirement may be as low as RDA level show in the glass. If your nutritional gaps are wider you may need more than RDA.

Your Attitude is the key to your optimal health. It is very simple to make a diet chart but it takes serious commitment and persistency to follow it. Short term diet plan often end in failure as people find hard to resist craving or their lifestyle habits. The longer you follow to your diet chart, more is the likelihood of yours to achieve your target.

Identify Nutritional status First you must identify the nutritional void by analyzing what you are eating and your eating habits. We recommend generating your diet kundali to simplify this step. You will come to learn the nutritional status of 35 important nutrients in just 30 minutes. You fill find an answer to what is your nutrient intake?

Nutritional status is condition of the body in relation to the consumption and utilization of nutrients which you take from food. When one or several of your body systems are not working properly (as in cased of back pain or high blood pressure or high blood sugar), it most likely relates, in some degree, to nutritional status. Prolonged nutritional deficiency may lead to some health risks. How well your body functions is a direct echo of what you eat.

Make some homework by recording your monthly grocery and eating pattern among family members. You can get a food consumption guide at your login page. If you want to receive the same through mail, you can mail us at Write down the smallest item you bring as ingredient for making food. Click “My Diet Kundali” and follow the instructions. Once you get the diet kundali at your email-address analyze where your nutritional status differs from RDA.

Make diet chart: If your goal is only to reduce weight, then go for a simple weight loss diet chart with a low calorie multivitamin supplement. This will ensure you are not nutritionally starved while on dieting. However if you have some medical conditions such as diabetes, you may need to alter some of your daily food ingredients and add some more to balance nutritional gap. Here Diet Kundali can be very very helpful to you as you will be able to focus on nutritional aspects also in addition to calories.

Add fruits and vegetables in your diet chart that are rich in the nutrient that you are deficient in. you can take help of our dietitian at to make your diet chart.