Diet Dasha – How to analyze nutritional status

Life is energy. We need energy to perform our day to day activities. We need energy to make movements, operate our brains and even blink our eyes. It is no doubt that we need to eat food that provides energy, the calories. The amount of calories we eat has to be right, no less, no more. Any excess calorie adds to weight and any deficit in calories reduces weight. However if we would have needed only calories, we would have survived on sugar or fats only. We also need nutrients in addition to calories. So Food that provides balanced nutrition is key to growth, repair and optimal health. Any imbalance in the nutrition and energy may create health problems. They may be malnutrition or obesity. So if you want improvement in current health status you need to improve your nutritional status. We have termed it as Diet Dasha as they can easily tell your current health status you are in.

To know how diet Kundali can generate your diet dasha, click on sample diet Kundali. Here is how you can interpret your diet dasha from your diet Kundali. If your actual calories consumed (carbs and fats) are more than the required calories, you may become overweight or obese. It’s that simple, isn’t it? If it makes sense then read on.

If your actual dietary fiber intake is less than the RDA of fiber, then you are likely suffering from constipation.

If your B vitamins are lower than RDA value, you are likely to suffer from lack of energy, lethargy. After 40s lower B vitamins may be an indication of increased triglycerides.

If your diet dasha is poor in Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other antioxidants, you are likely to experience weak immune system, skin problems. If you have high stress level along with lower antioxidants, you are vulnerable to lifestyle disease such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

If your chromium values are lower than the recommended levels then you are likely to experience insulin resistivity.If you are weak in calcium you are likely to suffer from bone related issues. The relative deficiency of nutrients for prolonged time may put you trouble in your later stages of life.

One point to be noted is nutrients works in unison. So deficiency of one nutrient may pose problems in other medical conditions. For example, you are eating enough calcium but your protein and magnesium levels are lower, you may not experience the benefits of calcium as it will not get deposited in bone structures because your protein and magnesium levels are poor.

Interesting isn’t it. Indeed it is and will be highly advantageous when you will understand how vitamins work. Managing your health challenges will be very easy. All you need to know is your nutritional status. Join Diet Kundali to add value to your health solutions.