Sedentary living:

Too much inactive lifestyle linked to diabetes,
heart disease and premature death

Many office going people or working housewives need to sit in front of laptop at least 8 to 10 hours of the day.. Few live a very sedentary life in front of TV. A new study foundthat too much sitting is very dangerous for the health. According to the study more than 50% of the average offices going person’s working hours are spent sitting, working on a computer, doing other physically inactive work or watching television which is referred by dietitians as sedentary living. But all that sedentary life could be sending us to an early lifestyle disease or even premature death, says experts. Their findings were brought together from around 4 dozen studies that studied the health risks of sedentary behavior. The researchers factored the activities people did, such as time pass activities to heavy exercise. The researchers found that people who sat for extended periods sitting had an increased risk of dying from all reasons— even people who exercised frequently. The adverse effects were even more prominent in people who didn’t exercise at all. The health risk of sedentary livingis not good for people. Apart from deteriorating heart health, the current study shows that people how are living sedentary lifestyle they are more prone to increased rate of type 2 diabetes,obesity, high blood pressure,cancer, andother related health issues. Exactly how much sitting contributes to deprived health isn’t clear yet. But a number of research recommend that it has dangerous effects on fat metabolism and blood sugar, both of them will increase the risk factor of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Fear of early death doesn’t generally encourage people to modify their habits, but reducing weight may serve an added advantage. When you are standing, you burn 25% more calories than when you are sitting. Although it is relatively small amount but it helps control weight over a period.

Sedentary living

Tips for getting out of couch.

  • Stretching, or moving just about two to three minutes every 30 minutes when you’re at work
  • There are many apps, which you can download on to your cell phones these apps that sounds alarm and reminds you for exercise, standing, stretching while working or watching television.
  • One of the best tips is while receiving phone calls stand or walk,
  • On diet front avoid food with simple carbs or mix them with complex carbs so that you don’t feel lazy after lunch. Design your diet with nutritious and low calorie ingredients you like at diet
  • fast food