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One can look to your hairs and skin and can easily get clues about your general health. How our hair, nails and skin look is essential to many of us. Our hair and skin are body part that does extraordinary jobs that promote life. Body hair signals you to touch and heat. Skin protects our inside body parts from virus, bacteria and external injuries. Our sweat glands, hair along with skin help regulate body temperature. You can take initiative to keep your hairs and skin healthy. Along with general health good skin along with strong hair will make you to feel confident and at the top of the world

Diet Kundali skin specialist in Mumbai, a doctor who has specialization in treating the:




Our Skin specialist in Thane is proficient in providing following solution to you: -

  • Diagnoses and cures different skin problems which include dull skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, pimples, pigmentation, stretch marks, skin psoriasis nail infections and skin cancer.

  • Reducing wrinkles, other aging signs that appear prematurely.

  • Helps improve the looks of your skin, hair and nails.

  • Helps having less visible acne mark.

  • Our skin specialist in Thane looks at patients of all ages — from newborns to elders and suggests following basic changes for caring for your hair and skin

  • Consume a variety of healthy foods packed with vitamins and minerals
  • Exercise and stay active physically
  • Manage stress. Learn to avoid it.
  • Practice sun safety
  • Avoidusing recreational drugs and tobacco
  • Reduce alcohol if you are consuming
  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Skin and hair health is a clue to general health

    As per our skin specialist in Thane deviation from any of the above mentioned behaviors can affect hair and skin. For example, habits like prolong sun exposure and smoking leads to dry skin and wrinkles.

    Healthy hair and skin are indications of good general health. You can identify health problems by looking at hair and skin changes. For example, an allergic reaction can cause redness, hives and itching. A“butterfly” rash on the face can be an indication of lupus. Distinctive rashes pop-up with particular viruses, such as the chicken pox and measles. Thyroid disease and Diabetes can cause hair loss. If you can identify how your hair and skin generally feel and look will help you notice changes in them and indication to consult your doctor.

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    At Diet Kundali you can get following assistance

    1. Consult our skin specialist in Mumbai for your skin problems.
    2. Actually measure your vitamins and minerals intake that critical for glowing skin.
    3. Design your own diet plan for your health and skin problems to suit your lifestyle.
    4. You can also consult our diet Kundali dietitian in your area.

    Healthy skin is a choice and a skin specialist is a tool to achieve it.